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The use of artificial intelligence in art.

 Hello everyone, Thank you for returning to my blog, this time not to discuss a new image, but rather the use of Artificial Intelligence in art . This article is a continuation of a previous text that I encourage you to read before delving into this one, if you haven't already: here . It explores the initial reasons behind the issue of using Artificial Intelligence in art. Today, I will clearly discuss the arguments I developed during the debate that took place in Rochefort en Terre, thanks to the Cubic circle and the Naïa Museum last September. I will be talking about the psychology of creativity. To precisely explain why the use of Artificial Intelligence is a problem, I need to delve into the workings of human creativity and explain its characteristics. This makes this article a rather lengthy and dense read, but I promise to have tried to make things clear, avoiding psychology jargon to make this writing accessible to everyone. Introduction: As a reminder, I am a clinical psyc

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