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Château de Monte-Cristo

During our trip around Paris, we discovered the Château de Monte-Cristo, a magnificent place! You are going to tell me: "But there is no such a castle ?!" And you will not be totally wrong, nor entirely right ^^. The castle of Monte-Cristo is in fact the castle of the French writer Alexandre Dumas. This was renamed the castle of Monte-Cristo following the famous novel written by Dumas: "The Count of Monte-Cristo". Alexandre Dumas had this residence built in 1846 by the architect Hippolyte Durand, in a nine hectare park, fitted out in the English style. It is a real pleasure palace of the 19th century!  The facades are typical of the Renaissance, with its floral decorations, cherubs and musical instruments. Medallions representing great authors adorn the windows on the ground floor. On the pediment of the front door we can still see the coat of arms with three eagles of the Davy de la Pailleterie family, to which Dumas belonged, surmounted by the author's persona

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